Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich

Today marks Day 1 of my attempt to eat all the leftovers from a 7lb prime rib roast before it goes bad, and/or we get sick of beef. I don’t know how long our enthusiasm for this endeavor is going to last. 7lbs is a lot of meat.

But, while my love for juicy prime rib remains un-dampened by too much of a good thing, I’m going to be making myself a lot of these sandwiches. They are really frickin’ good.

Picture yourself biting into a soft artisan bread roll slathered with spicy dijon mustard, loaded with warm, tender slices of prime rib, and layered with crunchy thin shavings of sweet onions, then washing it all down with a cold beer or soda. Mmmm. Sunday morning lunches don’t get better that!

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