Brown Butter Chocolate Candy Surprise Cookies

OK, so that title is a mouthful. But, so is this cookie. A gloriously buttery, chewy, tender, chocolate-y mouthful. A mouthful that has a delectable surprise in every bite. Mmmmmm.

Have you ever tasted cookies made with brown butter? They’re A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I mean, I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like, but brown butter does something special to cookies. It infuses them this great buttery, nutty, toffee-esque flavor and elevates them to a whole new, mind blowing level of deliciousness. Seriously. I am definitely making all my cookies with brown butter from now on.

As for the “chocolate candy surprise”…well, instead of chocolate chips, I chopped up an assortment of candy bars and threw them into the batter. I’m talking Snickers…Symphony Bars…Twix…Three Musketeers…Hershey’s Bars…Yes, I have a lot of leftover Halloween candy in the pantry. But you know what? Candy bars are amazing — so much more interesting and delicious in cookies than chocolate chips. No two cookies are the same, and each bite gives you a different combination of textures and flavors. Yup, these are the snowflakes of the cookie world. And who doesn’t love snowflakes?


  1. says

    Yum, I love brown butter cookies! It is amazing the taste that transforms from brown butter. I was reading this post going “what is the surprise?!” Anyway, chocolate candy is a great idea. I have a ton of mixed variety chocolate candy bars left over from the candy bar at my wedding. This is perfect!

    • justputzing says

      Haha I know, I guess it’s not REALLY a surprise, but the name sounded pretty good, right? And I LOVE the idea of having a candy bar at wedding receptions!

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