Chocolate Covered Bride and Groom Strawberries…and a Giveaway! [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

A few days ago I got a text from my friend Sarah (and fellow food blogger) at 2am. It was a picture of a ring, and said simply “wanna plan a wedding?”

In my half-asleep state, I didn’t fully process the message and just rolled back over in bed. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning and checked my phone again that I realized what Sarah was getting at. Guys, she’s engaged!!!

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for ages, so I’m pretty thrilled. Sarah and her BF are two of my favorite people, and are the cutest couple ever, so it’s impossible not to be excited for them!

So, I made these chocolate covered bride and groom strawberries in honor of Sarah’s engagement. She won’t actually get to eat them (Dan devoured every last one), but I’m hoping it’s the thought that counts…Sarah, if you come visit me I’ll make these for you any time! PS: CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL!


Now, what better way to celebrate love than to give away some free stuff? Thanks to the good folks at Cascal**, one lucky winner will win a case of Cascal’s new natural soft drinks. Never heard of it? Well, y’all are in for a treat! Not only are these sodas bubbly and delicious, they’re also sugar free, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and low cal (only 60-80 per can!). They come in 5 equally delicious flavors, and are perfect alone or mixed into cocktails. My personal favorite was the Ripe Rouge, and Dan liked the Bright Citrus, but you’ll definitely want to try them all.

  • To enter the giveaway, simply visit Cascal’s website and leave me a comment telling me what flavor you most want to try.
  • To earn up to THREE bonus entries, do one (or both!) of the following and leave me separate comments telling me what you did:
    (1) Subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed, using the icons on the top right side of the blog (if you are already subscribed, leave a comment saying that!).
    (2) Like Just Putzing Around the Kitchen on Facebook.
    (3) Follow Just Putzing Around the Kitchen on Twitter.
  • Giveaway will end at 5pm next Sunday, August 19th.
[Congratulations to Alicia, winner of the giveaway!]

** I received no compensation for this post, other than samples from Cascal. All opinions regarding this product are entirely my own.


  1. says

    Ooo! I love the sound of the crisp white! Pear? Apricot? Yes please.

    Also – you’re the sweetest ever. Can’t wait to plan our weddings together now!

  2. Greta says

    Those chocolate strawberries make my mouth water, and are absolutely adorable! I would most like to try the lemongrass flavor because I’m a sucker for anything pineapple.

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