Fried Rice, Revisited

If you ask me on any given day what Dan and I had for dinner the night before, the answer will probably be “fried rice.” It’s not that we’re fried rice fanatics…it’s just that the stuff is so easy to make, so delicious, and so versatile. You can cook it with any ingredients you want, any way you want, and it’ll be wonderful pretty much every time.  Too tired/lazy to cook a full meal? Fridge packed with stale leftovers that you probably should eat but no longer find appetizing? No problem! Just throw everything into a hot skillet with oil and rice, stir, season, and boom — a yummy, hot meal in no time.

That’s how I found myself standing over my wok last night, stirring together a hodgepodge pile of garlic, wilted spinach, onions, 2 week old roast pork bits, and stale rice. Not the most appetizing list of ingredients on paper, but somehow it all came together perfectly. With minimal chopping, stirring, and seasoning, we were digging into heaping bowls of the most amazing porky, savory, garlicky fried rice in less than 20 minutes. Not exactly a 4-star meal, but I’ll take it!

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