Prosciutto Manchego Sandwich with Spinach and Fig Preserves

One of the greatest things about working downtown is that there are endless delicious lunch options within walking distance of my office.  When I feel like sushi, there’s a decent place tucked into the food court up the street. On days when I’m dying for a burrito, I can hit up any one of the three Mexican food trucks parked outside.  If I’m in the mood for something healthier, I can grab a quick bite at the salad shop a block away.  It does get kind of expensive after a while, but a girl’s gotta eat!

Because I’m a creature of habit, I like to eat the same thing every day. These days, I rotate between three places for lunch, but I used to spend an obscene amount of time and money at this one sandwich shop around the corner from my office. Everything I got there was delicious, but it was the proscuitto manchego number that really made my tastebuds sing and haunted my dreams. Wrap your mind around this — tender slices of meaty prosciutto, salty manchego cheese, and arugula sandwiched between slices of rosemary focaccia slathered with fig preserve, served hot so that the cheese is melty and the bread is crunchy. Mmmmmmmm.

This sandwich is not an exact replica of the one I love so much — I used ciabatta instead of rosemary focaccia and sauteed spinach instead of raw arugula — but it was pretty freaking good. The toasted bread was delightfully crunchy, the delicately sweet fig preserve perfectly complemented the salty meat and cheese, and the tender spinach added just the right amount of vegetable-y oomph. Washed down with a glass of Riesling, this was the perfect rainy Sunday lunch.


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    Hi, It looks yummy and mouthwatering.i tried this at home , my family and lid loved it. Thanks for this good posting.Your description is very nice any one can follow easily.
    All the best keep posting……….

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