Chicken Club Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch Dip

Much to Dan’s despair, I have a deep, deep love for chain restaurants. Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Cheesecake Factory, CPK — I’m a fan. Of all of them. I mean…cheap, greasy  bar food and fruity blended cocktails…what’s not to love, right? Sadly, Dan does not share my sophisticated tastes. It takes serious wheedling and cajoling before he’ll agree to go to one of those restaurants with me. I think it’s been about…6 months since our last trip. Man, what’s a girl gotta do around here to get a plate of nachos and some $3 margaritas!

The last time Dan gave in to my incessant whining, we went to CPK and had the most amazing appetizer — Avocado Club Egg Rolls. The crunchy morsels were stuffed with crispy bacon, creamy avocado, and gooey Monterey Jack cheese, and served with two savory sauces. We cleared the plate in record time, and I immediately filed the dish away in my mental recipe bank for later. Now that it’s football season and I’m doing football viewing snack posts, I figured this would be the perfect time to roll out this recipe. And guys? They’re just as good as I remembered, even though I changed a few things. Dan took one bite and said “OMG, these are GOOD…real good,” then promptly inhaled the rest of the plate. I’d say that’s a hell of a ringing endorsement.


  1. Lexi says

    holy crap! i love those things! i haven’t been to CPK in forever, but occasionally i crave these egg rolls. great recipe!

  2. Marie says

    Love this! I can’t wait to try! I would love to make these to a tailgating party, but how far in advance can you make them before eating? Will the sauce keep long as well?

    If they won’t work for tailgating, then I’ll just have to make them for a “just because” party. Hosted by yours truly. In my kitchen. ASAP :)

    • justputzing says

      I made these the day before I baked them, and shoved them in the fridge on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil. The wrappers were a little bit soggy on top when I pulled them out the next day, but you really couldn’t tell a difference once they were brushed with oil and baked. I imagine if you fry these, there will be even less of a difference! Still, I wouldn’t make them TOO far in advance, just in case. Good luck!

  3. Jessie says

    I just put these in the oven right now! I added black beans, cilantro and pepperjack cheese. The “premix” was delicious, so I know the rolls will be too!

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