Prosciutto-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Another day, another football viewing snack recipe. And guys? These are the bomb. Sorry to get all ’90s on you, but it’s true. These poppers are amazingly tasty, and super addictive. These pictures don’t really capture all of the deliciousness — I got my eyes dilated an hour before I started cooking, and in case you were wondering, taking photos with eyes that can’t focus on things = bad idea. 

But anyway. Back to these proscuitto-wrapped jalapeno poppers. I heard about the recipe from one of my coworkers, who told me she made the most delicious grilled bacon and proscuitto-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapenos for a dinner party. Cured pork + gooey melted cheese + spicy peppers? Ummmm, genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

So of course I immediately revised the menu for dinner, raided Dan’s pepper plants, and made me some prosciutto-wrapped jalapeno poppers, pronto. This was two weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Why? Picture this: you take your first bite, and your teeth crunch through a layer of salty pork, melty cheese, and bright/crisp pepper. The heat from the ‘penos hits you right away, but before the burn really starts to get to you, the thick, savory cream cheese wraps itself around your tongue and puts out the fire in your mouth. And then the prosciutto…ahhhh, the prosciutto…it’s the perfect foil for the spicy peppers and the creamy cheese! Your taste buds dance with joy, and then suddenly you stop, look down, and realize there are no more poppers. Yup. I just wrote an ode to jalapeno poppers. That is how good they are.


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