Spicy Honey Roasted Peanuts

Guys, can I be honest? I’m not really a big fan of peanuts. Salted peanuts? Bo-ring. Peanut M&M’s? Mehhhh. Peanut butter? No thanks, pass the Nutella.  But you know what I can do some serious damage to? Honey roasted peanuts. I loves me some crunchy, sticky, salty-sweet peanuts.

These things are like Pringles — once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Does that analogy work? Now that I see it in print, I’m not so sure. But the point remains — honey roasted peanuts are deliciously addicting. I love feeling the sugary bits crunch between my teeth. And when you throw in a dash of cayenne pepper for some heat to round out the sweetness? Ohhh, it burns so good! Washed down with a cold glass of wine, these are the perfect post-work snack.

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