Tex-Mex Burger

October 14, 2012

Even though I regularly follow about a dozen food blogs, there are really only a handful of bloggers that I consistently turn to when I want ideas for certain things. Need a cupcake recipe? Annie’s Eats is the way to go. Margaritas? Definitely Confections of a Foodie Bride. Bars and brownies? Hello, Pinch of Yum. But, I’ve discovered that some bloggers have more than one forte. For example, not only is the Foodie Bride a margarita master, she also makes a mean burger. Seriously, there are like 10 completely different but equally mouth-watering burger recipes on her blog. So, when Dan wanted something beefy for lunch today, I knew where to turn for inspiration. 

Normally, when we make burgers I just slap some seasoned ground beef on the grill, throw on some bacon and cheese, and call it a day. But, after perusing the Foodie Bride’s beef selection, I was inspired to branch out and get creative. This Tex-Mex burger is a slight adaptation of her Texican burger, and is so, so good. Wrap your mind around this: a sturdy bun slathered with zesty guacamole, topped with a juicy beef patty, smothered in spicy homemade queso, and dressed up with crisp jalapeno slices and pico de gallo. Mmmm, right? This is a burger that requires at least 5 napkins. Maybe more. It’s hard to keep track when you’re busy trying to cram every last gooey bite as fast as you can into your mouth.


  1. carrian says:

    Well shoot, we had planned on soup for dinner, but this looks too fantastic!

  2. Oh. My. Word. I’m pretty sure I just fainted. YUM.

  3. This is a mouthwatering looking burger! Your photos are lovely, too. Would love to make this for me and my hubby sometime soon. Thanks!

  4. You’re right – this burger looks to die for! I’m a fan of avocado on most anything, but this burger has every thing I could ever hope for… I’m featuring this post in today’s Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution as always). Thanks for continuing to inspire me with your creations…

  5. OMG that sauce looks amazing… wow.

  6. Mmm this looks so good! Found you on Pinterest. Headed to check out the rest of your blog now. Tammy ~ http://www.yoursandmineareours.blogspot.com

  7. Pooja Arora says:

    Hey this burger is really looking yummy and mouthwatering, feeling hungry :)

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