Triple Chocolate Candy Bar Brownies

You know how sometimes, when you’re on a diet, and you’re trying to be really good and not eat too many carbs or bad fats or refined sugars, somehow instead of losing weight you end up gaining weight because thinking about all the things you’re not supposed to eat just makes you crave those things uncontrollably? Yeah. That is what’s happening with my wedding diet right now.

And it’s why, instead of snacking on carrot sticks, I’m stuffing my face with brownies. Rich, fudgy brownies with lots of butter, sugar, and three different kinds chocolate, two of which come from candy bars. Yup — these babies have carbs, fats, and refined sugars. So yeah, they’re not part of the wedding diet. But no, I do not regret anything.  Because guys…these brownies are freaking amazing, and you need to try them. Now!


  1. says

    Oh wedding diet. Yeah that was a complete fail for me. I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to before my wedding. I tried to diet, exercise, etc. Of course now that the wedding is over the pounds fell right off.

    • justputzing says

      Yeahhhhhhhhh. I feel like the more I think about needing to lose weight, the harder it is for me to do it! Dangit.

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