Open-Faced Portobello Burger

Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone! And, happy Inauguration! Did you guys watch the festivities on TV this morning? I did, and let me tell you…the view from my couch this year was way better (and warmer) than it was in 2008 when my friends and I packed into the National Mall to see the action.

And, watching the inauguration from home meant that I could enjoy a hot, delicious lunch when I got hungry, instead of gnawing on cold, unsatisfying granola bars and wishing the millions of people clogging the streets between Constitution Avenue and my warm apartment would magically disappear. Definitely an improvement, both gastronomically and situationally.

And, yes, despite containing no meat, this “burger” was absolutely delicious. The thick portobello patty was juicy and filling, the sauteed onions & spinach were wonderfully savory, and the poached egg on top put the whole shebang over the edge of decadence. Is there anything more satisfying than dragging a loaded forkful of bread through a pool of creamy, runny egg yolk and savoring the rich, eggy sauce as it melts on your tongue? No. And, while the whole thing tastes indulgent, this meal is full of protein, fiber and vitamins, and clocks in at less than 250 calories. So you can eat every delicious bite and walk away with satisfied taste buds, a full and happy tummy, and a completely clear conscience. Winner, winner, portobello burger dinner! Or lunch. Whatever.


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    Yuuuummmmy! I love runny eggs. And mushrooms. And spinach. Now I’m hungry again. Gonna try this w/o the english muffin soon (I’m going to try out the whole GF thing for a bit to see if it helps get rid of my chronic headaches).

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    Gosh, it’s delicious! It’s mouthwatering! Not to mention that portobello mushrooms are my second favorite after shiitake :). I’ll definitely try it myself. Thanks for the idea.

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