S’mores Blossoms

Wow, it has been forever and a half since my last post, huh? Sorry guys. It’s been a little busy around here. No time to cook during the week, and no light to take pictures after work even if I did have the energy/motivation to cook. I would try to be a better person/blogger/fiance and whip up tasty meals on the weekend to make up for all the delivery pizza, but lately my weekends have been full of wedding planning. Only 6 months left, can you believe it? And there is still planning to be done! Oy…

But hey, I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers! Look, I even made y’all a batch of S’mores Blossom cookies! Just kidding, they’re not for you…I made these for my friend Amy, who, as a s’mores lover, loved these cookies. What’s not to love? Chocolate kisses + marshmallows + cookies made with cookie butter = crunchy, chewy, chocolate-y heaven in your mouth. Yes, you read that right — these cookies are made with cookie butter. You know…that awesomely creamy stuff that’s made from pureed cookiesSo meta. So delicious.  You have to try it.


    • justputzing says

      Cookie butter is soooo good. I keep a jar in my office and eat it straight with a spoon on really rough days…

  1. says

    I just saw these on Tasteologie as I was submitting one of my posts. Thrilled that you enjoyed them! Have fun with the wedding (and congrats!)

  2. says

    Question: How did you get your “Link within” to show up on each individual posts and not on your home page? Mine is showing up right after the “read more” link on my home page posts and I feel like it’s going to distract readers from clicking. Any help would be much appreciated!

  3. Marq says

    I made these last weekend and they were soooo YUMMMMMMY! I’ll be making them again this weekend. My co-workers may get less this time. Gotta save some for my honey. Thanks again for sharing and thekitchn for linking to the recipe.

  4. MAR says

    I have had this website bookmarked for ages because I’ve been dying to try this recipe. I just finished making a batch so I wanted to thank you for this recipe. I did notice that the batter seemed kind of wet and tacky but I went with it and chilled for a half hour before rolling and baking. The cookies came out kind of runny and flat. I think next time I’ll make it with two cups of flour. Thanks again. :-)

    • justputzing says

      Maybe try going for 1-3/4 cups first before 2 cups. I have a thumbprint cookie recipe that’s very similar to this one and the dough is sometimes tacky with only 1-1/2 cups flour, but when I go up to 2 cups the cookies end up tasting floury. 1-3/4 has been the perfect balance for me on that particular recipe, so maybe the same could be true for this one? Good luck!

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