Strawberry Banana Daiquiris

Dan can tell you that I’ve gone a little smoothie crazy lately. Those green smoothies from last weekend were the first smoothies I’ve had in ages, and guys? Smoothies are delicious! And, if you sneak in some leafy greens and high protein yogurt, they’re pretty good for you too! I’m a fan. So much of a fan, in fact, that I’ve made myself a smoothie practically every day this week. Smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for dinner…suffice to say, Dan thinks I’ve gone smoothie crazy.

You know what’s kind of like a smoothie? A daiquiri. Honestly, the only difference between these strawberry banana daiquiris and the classic strawberry-banana smoothie is the rum (and, technically…the yogurt). Otherwise, it’s got all the same delicious, healthy ingredients. So, if you think about it, drinking a whole bunch of these smooth, fruity cocktails for dinner was actually really good for me. Yep. And, they tasted enough like summer that I almost forgot how cold and windy it is outside. So yes, these daiquiris were a great idea. Wanna try some?


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