Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving Collage

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m sure you all have your menus planned out already (I hope!), but in case you’re still looking for some inspiration, here are a few of my favorite recipes: Appetizers Marinated Mozzarella Bites Three Cheese Crab Dip Veggie Mozzarella Pesto Crostini Fig, Bacon and Honey Goat Cheese Crostini Chili-Crab Deviled Eggs Roasted Potato…read more »

Sticky Buns 6b (1 of 1)

Flour Bakery Sticky Buns + Anniversary…and a GIVEAWAY! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Exactly 1 year and 19 days ago, I married my best friend. To be honest, typing that makes me cringe a little – usually I’m the person that secretly judges other people for posting gushy love notes to/about their significant others online for everyone to see – but it’s a true statement, and I stand by it (I never said I wasn’t…read more »

Tinto Verano 2b (1 of 1)

Thirsty Thursdays: Tinto de Verano

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with a Thirsty Thursday drink post, and y’all…it’s a good one. Tinto de Verano! Ever heard of it? Me neither! Until a few months ago, when we were at a tapas bar, and my friend Amy told us about the summer she spent living with…read more »

Bacon Jams 6 (1 of 1)

Protein-Style Jalapeno Burger with Bacon Jam {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a company called “The Bacon Jams” to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their bacon jam products. My immediate gut reaction was, of course, YUM BACON I LOVE BACON GIMME GIMME (yes, I am the dog from that bacon dog treat commercial). Then I slowed my roll and…read more »

Flank Steak 1b (1 of 1)

California-Style Garlic Pepper Steak

Another day, another recipe courtesy of  McCormick FlavorPrint, the super awesome online meal planning service that gives you personalized recipe recommendations tailored to your individual flavor profiles. As you may recall, my flavor profile showed that, aside from sweets (preferably chocolate), I like my food to be garlicky. Which should come as a surprise to nobody – I’m Chinese…everything we eat has garlic in it!…read more »

Chocolate Chip Blondie 1b (1 of 1)

Chocolate Chip Blondies

Hello hello! Remember when I told you guys about  McCormick FlavorPrint a few weeks ago (actually, make that a month ago…where did July go!)? You know, the online meal planning service that gives you personalized recipe recommendations tailored to your individual flavor profiles? As you may recall, I told you that I had chosen three recipes to try – Chunky Chicken Chili,…read more »


Thirsty Thursdays: Fresh Cherry Champagne Mojitos

Hello hello! It’s me. Interrupting your regularly scheduled EuroTrip 2014 recap to bring you a new installment of Thirsty Thursday! Are you excited??? I’m excited. It’s been two whole weeks since my last Thirsty Thursday post! Like I said before, I did actually make a cocktail for last week, but there was that whole SD card/camera cable…read more »


Veggie, Mozzarella & Pesto Crostini + Amsterdam

Guys, why are vacation posts so hard to do? Between going through all the photos on my camera, photo-editing, collage-making, and post-writing, that Paris post seriously took me the better part of two days finish. And this Amsterdam post? I’ve been sitting on it since Sunday night! All my pictures were collaged/edited/uploaded, I just couldn’t…read more »


Oeufs en Cocotte + Paris

Hi y’all…it’s me! What’s going on with you? Sorry about the lack of posts here at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen the last two weeks, but I’ve been on vacation! And then I was jet-lagged, so there wasn’t much of any action in my kitchen. Also, I lost my camera cable thingy in Iceland and…read more »

Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail

Thirsty Thursdays: Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail

Howdy! Sarah from Snixy Kitchen here. Tina’s off gallivanting around who-knows-where (Iceland? The Netherlands? Paris? Who can keep up with this world traveler?) so she asked me to come drink with you! Fruity, fizzy, thirst-quenching drinks are Tina’s specialty, so I feel honored to be stepping into her shoes for a day. Some big shoes…read more »


Bang Bang Chicken

<<Hello from Amsterdam! This post comes to you from the past…or maybe it’s the future? I’m confused. Either way, I wrote this before I left for vacation because I didn’t want you all to forget about me while I was gone. And, later in the week, there will be a guest post for Thirsty Thursday, courtesy…read more »