Apple Cider Cocktail…and a GIVEAWAY!

Apple Cider Cocktail 6 (1 of 1)

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from Arctic Chill Products, asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. They had seen my Tinto de Verano post, and thought I’d be a good fit for their Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker (see, I knew all those Thirsty Thursday posts were a good…read more »


Frozen Shangos

Guys…what happened to spring? We had gorgeous 70 degree weather and sunny skies for about three seconds, then suddenly it was winter coat weather again, and now my iPhone weather app tells me that it’s going to be high 80s/low 90s for the next few days. It’s madness! Of course, I’m not really complaining about the warmer weather…read more »


Skinny “Spaghetti” and Meatballs

Following yesterday’s dinner of tater tots and cheese, I woke up thinking I should probably whip up something a little healthier for today. Cuz, you know…I’m a responsible adult who is capable of making good life decisions. Mmhmm. So I rolled out of bed, headed straight for the kitchen, and made a batch of healthy broccoli &…read more »



Here’s what we ate today: bacon & eggs for breakfast, nachos & beer (actually, cider for me) for lunch, and totchos for dinner. So basically…super healthy and balanced meals . It’s been kind of a great day, actually. Don’t judge me. In other news, it’s almost Cinco de Mayo! My first thought was that I should do…read more »


Flavored Bellini Bar

As a kid, my favorite part of Easter was the Easter egg hunt – finding as many plastic eggs as I could, cracking them open, then devouring all the goodies inside. As an adult, I still love Easter candy (and will definitely be hitting up CVS for discounted chocolate next week), but my new favorite thing to do on Easter…read more »


Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu and Tonkatsu are two of the dishes that (assuming I’m not craving sushi) I have to get when we go to Japanese restaurants. I don’t often let myself eat fried food, but it’s impossible to resist the lure of crispy, tender, breaded/fried meat (mmmm, pork) smothered in a thick savory-sweet sauce over a giant…read more »


Sticky Baked Bourbon Chicken

So, I’ve been putting off writing this post because (1) I was not loving the way my pictures turned out, and (2) somehow I had absolutely zero things to say about either the recipe or my reasons for making it (which is crazy, because I literally always have some kind of back story). It’s been seriously…read more »


Teeny Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie Sprinkles)

You guys. Can you handle how cute these teeny weenie cookies are? I don’t think I can. No, I definitely cannot. All last week, even though I had a ridiculous amount of non-blog work to do, I kept logging in to WordPress to sneak peaks at my draft for this post, grinning foolishly at the screen,…read more »


Skillet Chili Mac

Growing up, the commercials on TV lead me to believe that the only things Americans ate for dinner were tacos, Sloppy Joes, various forms of mac n’ cheese, and delivery/take out junk food (fried chicken, pizza, burgers, etc). To a kid, especially one being forced to suffer through endless helpings of eggplant at dinner, this all…read more »



Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! Is anyone doing anything fun? In a perfect world, I would be down in New Orleans right now, stuffing my face with fried, powdered sugar-covered beignets, drinking like a fish, and enjoying 60-degree weather. Instead, however, I’m sipping a healthy green smoothie, glaring out the window at the giant muddy snow…read more »


Eggplant Parmesan

You know how there are some foods that, as a kid, are the grossest things ever, but as soon as you reach a certain age your tongue is all OMG what is this deliciousness?!?!? For a lot of people, it seems to be brussel sprouts and spinach (see e.g., the explosion of brussel sprout recipes…read more »