Strawberry Mojitos

It’s strawberry season, everyone! The pick-your-own-fruit farms are open for business, the grocery store shelves are loaded with fat, juicy, sweet berries begging to be eaten, AND…


…my strawberry plants have started to bear fruit! Do you know how exciting that is? SO EXCITING! Our little balcony garden is a success! [Squeal!]

To be fair, I’ve only been able to harvest one berry from my garden so far. There are at least four more on the way, but that’s really not enough to do more than tingle a person’s taste buds. So, to satisfy my warm-weather craving for strawberry-based foods and drinks, I went to the store and picked up 3lbs of strawberries.

3lbs of fruit may a be lot, but we’ve already put a serious dent in our stash. We ate them at brunch, after dinner, and in many, many blended beverages. These mojitos were enjoyed as a night cap on Sunday night, and they were delightful. Light, fruity, and refreshing — they were the perfect drink to help us wind down a lazy weekend.

** Hey look — The Daily Meal liked these mojitos too!


  1. says

    My daughter just went strawberry picking the other day with Uncle Jule and she enjoyed it very much. This wasn’t her 1st time but I doubt if she remembered doing the same activity last year. Anyway, I have a bunch of strawberries waiting to be turned into this refreshing mojitos. Cheers!

    • justputzing says

      Mmm, I’m so jealous of your beach vacation! I bet these taste even better when you’re sipping them by the ocean :)

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