Creamy Chocolate Cherry Bars

After the first day of the bar exam, my brain is mush and I’m bone-tired from being up since 5am, but…my stomach and tastebuds are happy. Very happy. These luscious, creamy chocolate cherry bars were meant to be a post-exam present to myself (bars to celebrate the end of the bar…heh heh heh), but I dipped in early. I couldn’t help it!

But it was so worth it — these bars are amazingly delicious, decadent, and so packed with chocolate-y goodness that I’m actually vibrating from the intense sugar/endorphin rush. Or maybe it’s the caffeine + lack of sleep. Whatever.

One day of the bar exam down, one more to go. Here’s to almost being done with the worst two days of summer ever. Good luck, everyone!


  1. says

    What a way to treat yourself! I could definitely eat a few of these! Good luck on the rest of the your exam! Hope you can finally get some sleep.

  2. says

    Assuming your exams are over now, congrats on getting through it! I bet that was a pretty miserable couple days, but I also bet these bars perked things up a lot. :) They look REALLY good, and I love the photos too.

  3. says

    I’m assuming your exams are over now so happy exams being over!! I feel your pain for studying and taking them. I still wake up with nightmares from it sometimes.

    • justputzing says

      Haha, yeah…and considering this is my second bar exam, I’m going to have double the nightmares!

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